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ottawaCOIN will be Canada’s first multiuse testbed focused on addressing sector pinch points through industry-led collaborations. ottawaCOIN will provide a secure space for industries of all sizes to work together with the support of researchers, policy makers and academia. Similar to superclusters, ottawaCOIN will foster a community or cluster approach to bolstering Canadian innovation and the economy.

Funding to support autonomous vehicle testing is available and a private test track will launch later this year.

This will help anchor the site and bring the connectivity needed to support other industry projects focused on smart initiatives.

Our core focus areas include:

  • Rural network connectivity
  • Smart City Initiatives
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Data Analytics and Security
  • Environmental Benchmarking

14th International Conference on Precision Agriculture (ICPA)

June 24 - June 27 (Montréal, Canada)


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How We Got Here.

In 2017 a group of people got together to discuss opportunities for agriculture and precision agriculture in rural Ottawa. This meeting soon transformed from a few people talking to a few more people, into a motivated an engaged community.

Through engaging with other organizations and agencies, ottawaCOIN gained the experience, and connections to enable us to move forward. We found there were more elements with which to engage.

There was a link between agriculture and smart cities, between autonomous vehicles and remote sensing, between data analytics & security and the environment. This was the direction - this connection between things.

And ottawaCOIN was born.

NCC Greenbelt Research Farm

(1740 Woodroffe Avenue)

Centrally located within Ottawa, the National Capital Commission’s (NCC) Greenbelt Research Farm (crown land) is the preferred location for ottawaCOIN. The location is approximately 765 hectares (1,890 acres) in size, around 631 hectares (1,560 acres) of this is arable land. Ottawa and the NCC are currently working out the details of an agreement to authorize ottawaCOIN and associated projects.

The NCC Greenbelt Research Farm is a secure, gated facility with available office space to rent or build and a road network that spans 16 kilometres. This unique site presents an unparalleled opportunity because of its historical significance, size, urban location and federal ownership.

NCC site offers a secure location to test and validate technologies important to the agri-food sector and in support of smart city innovations. Stakeholders have confirmed that there is no comparable site in Canada with such close proximity to a large urban market, access to a high-tech hub with an abundance of rural land nearby. Ottawa, as Canada’s Capital is home to leading federal science, research and innovation clusters, making it an ideal location for a nationally significant Innovation Centre.

For all leasing inquiries,

Watch a flyover of the NCC Greenbelt Research Farm


A clustered approach

A clustered approach helps businesses of all sizes; MNE’s can draw in SME’s, working alongside academia and government. This business model, commonly used in Europe, results in innovation because it encourages cross-sector collaboration.

Cross-sector collaboration

Cross-sector collaboration can speed up the time it takes to get new products commercialized. It can also provide market access to smaller firms that may otherwise have difficulty driving their projects forward.

The Opportunity

ottawaCOIN will capitalize on local industry strengths, which include access to one of the country’s top high-tech sectors. The centre will have positive impacts on Ottawa’s economy through the creation of local jobs and increased production in key sectors, such as agriculture and advancements in smart city technology. Cross-sector collaboration will be key to the success of ottawaCOIN.

By encouraging collaborations between large and small businesses, ottawaCOIN can act as an in-road for technologies that may not have access across sectors or a channel to market. The centre can serve as a training ground, demonstration site, testing facility and education outlet. This kind of industry-led community space, which will promote early engagement with regulators, will help to speed up the time it takes to commercialize, scale and deploy Canadian technologies together.

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